A navy blue garage door install on two-car stall.
Simple, white, one-car stall garage door.
Side by side white, one-car stall garage doors.
Cropped photo at man's arm pointing an automatic garage door opener at a white garage door.

A Large Selection of Used Doors

When updating their homes many people will replace a garage door that is still in very good condition. If you need a low-cost option to replace your garage door we have a selection of high quality used garage doors for sale. Every door goes through a rigorous inspection to ensure it works properly, and operates smoothly. Sizes, colors, and hardware options vary so please contact us to see what is currently available.

A brunette woman with her hair tied back, wearing a yellow blouse and glasses, stands pointing a garage door opener at a white garage door.

Did you know?

More than 70% of people enter their home through the garage door.